How to get the Moonfire Halter Set in Final Fantasy XIV (FF14)

It’s always sunny in Costa del Sol

The FFXIV Moonfire Halter Set can be crafted, you'll this the top pictured here.

It’s hot bird summer for folks after the Rising Phoenix mount, but buns and cats can still look their best with the FFXIV Moonfire Halter Set. Whether you’re chasing the beachy vibes of Costa del Sol or taking your bikini into Aurum Vale, we’ll explain below how to score your own Moonfire Faire Tanga and top with matching accessories.

How to get FFXIV’s Moonfire Set

Lucky for us all, this swimsuit ‘fit isn’t limited to FFXIV’s seasonal Moonfire Faire. All items here are craftable—or available on the Market Board if you’re not among Eorzea’s most handy. Even so, the swimsuit belongs to an old series of Level 50 crafter recipes, so players with even the junkiest Endwalker gear (or earlier) can make the Moonfire Halter Set.

To prepare, you’ll need a small supply of Mariner Cotton Cloth, Silk Thread, and Hippogryph Leather. Mariner Cotton Cloth comes from Timeworn Boarskin or Unhidden Leather maps. Silk Thread is another craftable, made from Silkworm Coon and Effervescent Water time-gated gatherables. The shoes only need a single Hippogryph Leather, made from Black Alumen and Hippogryph Skin.

Moonfire Hat Weaver Recipe

  • (2) Mariner Cotton Cloth
  • (2) Silk Thread
  • (3) Lightning Crystals, (2) Wind Crystals

Moonfire Halter Weaver Recipe

  • (3) Mariner Cotton Cloth
  • (2) Silk Thread
  • (3) Lightning Crystals, (2) Wind Crystals

Moonfire Tanga Weaver Recipe

  • (2) Mariner Cotton Cloth
  • (2) Silk Thread
  • (3) Lightning Crystals, (2) Wind Crystals

Moonfire Sandals Leatherworker Recipe

  • (1) Mariner Cotton Cloth
  • (1) Hippogryph Leather
  • (3) Lightning Crystals, (2) Wind Crystals

Unfortunately, some of this glam remains gender-locked. If you’re looking for FFXIV’s male glamour option, check out our guide on obtaining the Moonfire Vest Set.

The FFXIV Moonfire Faire Tanga isn't the same thing as other swimsuits you'll see around Eorzea, like this Southern Seas one piece.
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FFXIV Optional Items Shop: Moonfire Faire

The Moonfire Faire 2023 event is over, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for available as a crafter piece, you may be out of luck. Square Enix has an FFXIV Optional Item Shop with tons of summer-themed glam, but you’ll have to pay real-world cash for them.

Older items, like the Southern Seas Swimsuit, Endless Summer Attire, and Moonfire Hapi are all locked to the Square Enix cash shop. If you completed older events and think you threw the rewards away, speak to the Calamity Salvager in any starting city to reclaim your goods.

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