How to get deliveries/DLC items in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Head to the flag and pick them up

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, just like Nioh, ran a promotion that allowed the transfer of free DLC demo items to the final release. Here’s how to redeem them, as they won’t appear in your account right away, and it’s not super clear on where the rewards are actually stored.

Accept your deliveries sooner than later

After reaching the first flag (which serves as a checkpoint) in the initial intro level, you’ll gain access to its main menu. In addition to applying new XP points, swapping up magic, or engaging with the online play, you can also pick up deliveries here, which includes DLC and promo items. Just walk up to the flag, and select the deliveries option.

Demo players will pick up their promo items like the Crouching Dragon Helmet (which is useful out of the gate), as well as future DLC equipment. That’s it!

Make sure you make an effort to pick up deliveries as soon as you can, as they often provide upgrades that are only marginally better than what you have equipped now. Waiting too long to grab them would result in getting immediately obsolete gear. Be quick!

Chris Carter
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