How to get Curry Powder in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Stock up! It’s cheap

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30 hours or so into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, once I really started to dig into the game’s various hooks, I felt exhausted by all the ingredients I had to track down and mange. Thankfully, you really just need to buy them once, stock up, and you can forget about them for a long while. Here’s where to find Curry Powder, which is a prime ingredient in many sandwich recipes.

You can find Curry Powder for sale in Levincia

It took forever to track this one down, but you can buy Curry Powder at the Aquiesta Supermarket (the store name does show up on the map) in Levincia: the electric type city.

Located on the eastern portion of Paldea, the Aquiesta Supermarket is actually in the northern part of the city, which is one of my all-time favorite places to go thanks to quick access to the Delibird Presents shop and the Chansey Supply store. Curry Powder will only cost you a paltry 450 Pokedollars each, so buy a ton! You’ll find other ingredients here too, so take this time to get what you need while you’re there.

You can find a full visual guide on how to find the Aquiesta Supermarket in the gallery above.

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