How to get Bullet Spray in Destiny 2 The Dawning Event

How to get Bullet Spray in Destiny 2 The Dawning Event

Pray for good drops

How often do you use auto rifles and related weapons in Destiny 2? Always? Never? If it’s the latter, you probably want to rethink your approach, and grab some of your favorite weapons from your vault. Here’s how to farm Bullet Spray for the Dawning event.

You’ll get Bullet Spray by using auto rifles, sub-machine guns, and light machine guns

Fish out your favorite auto rifle, sub-machine gun, or light machine gun: because you’ll need to use them to get kills to earn Bullet Spray. While this seems a bit obtuse at first, Destiny 2 conveniently labels every weapon in the game with a class: so if you just inspect all of your gear, you’ll see if one of these fits the criteria.

This might go without saying if you’ve read our other guides on The Dawning, but pulling out an exotic weapon of choice from any one of these classes of weapons would be a good idea. Not only will they increase the speed of farming, but they could also clear out droves of enemies if they’re equipped with a form of crowd control. Just go to a heavily populated area, grab your favorite one, and spray. Note that you can also kit out your Guardian with multiple weapons of the appropriate type for different situations.

You’ll use Bullet Spray to create Blueberry Crumblers and Telemetry Tapioca.

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