How to Get Bronzor Fragments in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

One of the most important Pokemon to farm

Traditionally, Pokemon games don’t reward you for farming wild encounters. Aside from EXP, you’d only want to grind encounters to find a specific type of Pokemon or a shiny variant — Pokemon Scarlet & Violet changes all that.

New to Generation 9, every Pokemon drops a specific material that can be used to craft TMs. That said, if you are playing Scarlet version, there is one particular NPC in Zapapico city that might have caught your eye. This man asks if you can trade 10 Bronzor Fragments to him, and if you do, he’ll reward you with the Auspicious Armor item. This is necessary to evolve Charcadet into its powerful evolved form Armarouge, so this is one trade you won’t want to miss!

That said, Bronzor can be a little tricky to find, especially if you just stumbled on this NPC. If you want to  save yourself from running around trying to find where they spawn, here’s what you need to do.

Where to find Bronzor

Bronzor can be found all across Paldea. Typically, you can find Bronzor in ruins alongside Pokemon like Tinkatink. If you find a location where a Bronzor pops up, keep circling it to catch them as they spawn.

That said, the easiest place to farm Bronzor encounters is close to the beginning of the game. To the west of Mesagoza city, you should see a Pokemon Center for South Province (Area Two). Go north of here and you will find an elevated land mass where The Grand Olive Orchard is located. If you’ve been here already, you’ll have the option to fast travel right away. If not, keep exploring until you find the slope that takes you to the top of this area.

Once you’re here, you’ll find two sets of ruins. While you may not see Bronzors at first, they inevitably will appear with enough searching. Run laps around the ruins until you see them spawn and press the R button to auto-battle each one. These are incredibly easy encounters, so using any Pokemon will suffice. If you lose count of how many Bronzor Fragments you’ve found, check the TM Materials tab in your inventory and scroll down until you find it. Consider pressing “+” to favorite the item so you can find it easily later.

With 10 Bronzor Fragments in your pocket, return to Zapapico and initiate the trade. You can repeat this trade as many times as you want, so keep farming Bronzor fragments to give Armarouge to all your friends playing Pokemon Violet!

Timothy Monbleau