How to get Aromatic Jerky in Octopath Traveler 2

Find this to progress Ochette’s Tera Route chapter!

As you’ve no doubt discovered by this point, Ochette is all about collecting jerky. Excess monsters can be prepared into a variety of jerky types, and you’ll need many of them to befriend NPCs in towns. This is a mostly optional mechanic, but it eventually becomes essential to advance Ochette’s storyline.

If you are progressing with the Tera Route chapter of Ochette’s tale, you’ll eventually come across a man named Pom. You need his help, but he tells you he’s desperately hungry. To resolve this, use the Befriend Path Action and give him some Aromatic Jerky. Unfortunately, if you don’t use Ochette in your main battle party, you may have missed some easy opportunities to get Aromatic Jerky by now. That said, Pom does give you a hint that this meat comes from a monster called Buttermeep.

Here’s where we need to hunt.

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Where to encounter Buttermeep

Buttermeep can appear in random battles in the Western Crackridge Wilds and the Southern Crackridge Wilds. I personally encountered them during the daytime, though they should appear at night as well. These monsters are fortunately easy to capture, as my relatively low-level Ochette reached a 100% capture rate for them after only a couple of weak hits. Simply prepare one of these monsters and you’ll have the Aromatic Jerky you need.

To increase your encounter rate and ensure Buttermeep spawns sooner than later, make sure the Scholar’s passive skill Evasive Maneuvers isn’t equipped. Also, sprint in the Crackridge Wilds to boost the encounter rate further.

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