How to get an Everstone in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Buy it at the Delibird Presents shop

Thank goodness for the Delibird Presents shop! While many RPGs obfuscate where to buy what and how to acquire it: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet generally makes things easy with the advent of the Delibird locales on top of the Chansey Supply stores. Odds are you’ll be able to find most of the key items at either of those places: including the Everstone.

You can buy the Everstone at a Delibird Presents shop in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Head to a Delibird Presents shop to pick up an Everstone on the cheap, for just 3,000 Pokedollars. You do not need to have any prerequisite amount of gym leader clears to buy the Everstone.

We have a full guide on Delibird Presents locations here. We recommend going to the one in northern Levincia (the electric type city on the eastern portion of the map). Get used to going here often, as the Delibird Presents and Chansey Supply shops are right next to each other and easy to access.

What does the Everstone do?

There’s a twofold purpose to the Everstone:

  • It can prevent Pokemon from evolving when used as a held item
  • It can pass down natures (read: stat spreads) through breeding

Here’s the full rundown straight from the game:

“An item to be held by a Pokemon. A Pokemon holding this particular stone is prevented from evolving.”

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