How to get 1000 Achievement points in under two minutes

The new Avatar game set to come out for the Xbox 360 next week is going to set records … in rental sales. Whoever set the Achievements for this game was either extremely lazy, or just didn’t give a damn. You see, within the first two minutes of playing this game, you can earn all 1000 Achievement points by just pressing one button over and over.

As you rack up the combo hits on your enemies, you continue to get various Achievement points ranging between 150 to 300 points. Once you get a 60 hit combo, you’ve earned all five Achievements which total out to 1000 points. 

I’m sure all of you Achievement whores are salivating at the mouth right now over this news. 

[Via NeoGaf and TheGoldenDonut’s C-Blog

Hamza Aziz