How to free the carts from the encampment in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll need to open an inconspicuous gate

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Very early into Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll come across a quest that asks you to “free the carts from the encampment.” Funnily enough I picked this one up as soon as I was able to at a really low level, and never completed it until after I had finished the game. I even cleared out the entire camp on the first run and completely missed the carts! Here’s how to get it done earlier, and earn that sweet experience bonus.

How to free the carts from the encampment in Hogwarts Legacy for the Carted Away sidequest

You’ll likely come across this quest naturally when the game allows you to explore the grounds beyond Hogwarts: but just in case, you can acquire the Carted Away quest from the goblin Arn (location in the gallery above, on the northern tip of the yellow quest line).

Carted Away asks you to “free the carts from the encampment” south of the NPC, but there’s a small catch. Sometimes the trigger doesn’t show up in the encampment itself. To actually progress in the quest, you need to open up the gates in the back of the camp (pictured above). Once you’ve done that, the carts will magically move on their own, and head back to Arn. You do not need to wait for the cars to reach Arn: you can turn the quest in straight away if you run/fly back to them.

You’ll be rewarded with some XP, as well as the Goblin-Made Helmet for your efforts.

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