How to fix error code 316719 in Diablo 4 beta – Answered

diablo iv necromancer trailer 2023 316719

Not quite Error 37

Diablo IV is only in beta, but a number of players are reported hitting an error that boots them out of servers and drops them back into the queue with the message: “There was an error. (Code: 316719).”

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Activision Blizzard has not commented on error code: 216719, nor have they included it in a list of known problems with the beta. I’ve also combed the internet for a solution to the problem, but none of them are guaranteed to solve the problem. Rebooting your computer and your modem and your router may all help, but since nobody knows the actual cause of the issue, it might all just be a placebo.

For now, all you can do is keep trying and wait for Activision Blizzard to either fix the issue or provide a definitive solution.

It sucks, and your frustration is valid. However, this is part of the reason why beta periods are done in the first place. A lot of bugs don’t pop up until you actually submit a game to re-world usage. Hopefully, Activision Blizzard will be able to address the issue quickly, and Diablo IV’s full launch goes more smoothly.

To reiterate, there is no definitive fix for error code: 316719.

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