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How to fix error 5C “trouble fetching information for this player” in League of Legends

Decoding error codes is definitely a fun way to spend my time

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Ah, the dreaded error code. It’s a staple of modern gaming, and it’s especially fun when studios give them silly names like “Mongoose Error.” But the latest issue plaguing League of Legends (again) is “error 5C,” which you may have encountered during your time in the Rift. Here’s how to fix it.

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How to fix error 5C “trouble fetching information for this player” in League of Legends

Here is how Riot publicly acknowledged the issue after a widespread case of errors: “We’re aware of a problem causing login attempts to fail and are working on a fix.” PC, Mac, Android, and iOS accounts were impacted by error 5C. While Riot has addressed the error as of March 29, it could still happen (and has been popping up in League periodically as of late).

Here are the steps you can use to address error 5C:

  • Check to see if you’re using the latest version of the game. Inside the League of Legends client, update progress is visible in the top left corner.
  • Power cycle your device and your internet connection/router (this is generally a best first-practice step for anything connection related).
  • Some players have found success logging into an alt account, then logging back into your original account. This is one of the simplest things you can do to try and brute force your way past error 5C.
  • Manually re-install League of Legends and the client.
  • If all else fails, you may need to repair your client. You can do so using the official Hextech Repair Tool at this link.

Keep watch on the official Riot support account on Twitter for any updates impacting the game at large: as well as the aforementioned status page.

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