How to fix the Comms Array in the Dead Space remake

Dead Space Comms Array

Fixing up the communication pipeline

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While Dead Space may have a fair bit of running, fighting, and surviving, engineer Isaac Clarke will also need to do some puzzle solving. A big one arrives in the later part of Dead Space when Isaac is tasked with fixing the Comms Array.

Though a ship is on the way to help out the USG Ishimura, Isaac and Daniels need to fix the Comms Array to get in contact. What transpires is some zero-G maneuvering, necromorph blasting, and then some light puzzle solving. It’s certainly nothing you can’t handle, but we’ve got a guide to help you figure out just where the pipes go if you get stuck.

Clearing out the Comms Array

Before you get started, once you’re in the Comms Array dome, you’ll want to eliminate all the enemies first. Like some other sections of the Dead Space remake, necromorphs will emerge from the walls to try and hamper your puzzle-solving efforts.

The nice part is that once they’re gone, they’re gone. There is no necromorph closet to spawn more of them, at least inside the dome. Once you’re done clearing them out, using tools or the many improvised weapons Isaac can chuck in zero-G, it’s time to solve a puzzle.

The Comms Array needs power running from one point up to its center. Getting the spatial part of this puzzle down is the most important part: you have one outlet for power, and need to connect the pipes to make it all click together. If you’ve played BioShock, you get the idea.

Screenshot by Destructoid

The pipes you’ll use are littered around the dome, slotted into other sections. There are also dummy placeholders, essentially junk, that you’ll need to clear out with your Kinesis. Then, just slot the pipes in and start figuring it out.

You’ve got all the tools here now to do it yourself, but if you’re stuck and need a hint: look at all the pieces available. For my playthrough, I pulled all the pipes down so I could see my options. It made figuring out a possible path much easier.

If you don’t want to solve it yourself though, read on for a solution.

How to fix the Comms Array in Dead Space remake?

An easy solution I found was the one shown in the picture below. It doesn’t make use of all the pieces, but it will connect the array and get communications back online.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Then, you’ll just need to tussle with many more necromorphs and avert a few more catastrophes. What, you didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?

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