How to find the Tower Tunnel Floo Flame in Hogwarts Legacy

It only takes a few minutes

If you wandered around Hogwarts Legacy‘s expansive world map for a bit, you’d probably find the inconspicuous Tower Tunnel Floo Flame location in Marunweem Lake. You cannot fly directly to this spot, but you can get there through a short walk through a cave. Here’s how.

You’ll get to the Tower Tunnel Floo Flame through a cave in the mountain

To get to the Tower Tunnel and gain the Floo Flame spot permanently, you’ll want to enter the cave at the base of the mountain on the eastern portion of Marunweem Lake.

At that entry point (pictured in the gallery below), walk down the left path and continue down the cave. You’ll need to climb a few vertical ledges on your way to the Tower Tunnel. At the very end of the cave, leading directly into The Tower Tunnel dungeon, you’ll find the Floo Flame. That’s it! From that point onward, you can use this fast travel spot and instantly warp into the cave.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Turn on pathing to get through the cave easier

You can also make things even simpler for yourself if you mark the Tower Tunnel Floo Flame spot as your current objective on the world mapHogwarts Legacy will actually highlight your path on the minimap in the corner of the screen, showing you the nearest entrance to the cave; as well as the paths you’ll be taking inside.

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