How to find the Bridge Report in Dead Space Remake 2023

Dead Space remake

Finding the lost vlogs of the Ishimura

The Dead Space remake from EA’s Motive studio adds a lot to the classic sci-fi survival story. On top of the 12 chapters that run throughout the main story, there are also a number of side quests. One side quest in particular will see you returning to the bridge for a report, and well, it’s not the easiest to locate.

While Dead Space‘s infamous basketball-dribble waypoint navigation returns in the remake, it doesn’t always point Isaac to the exact location of the info he needs. This usually isn’t a huge problem, as in most cases, it’s just room that you could take a cursory stroll around and discover what you’re looking for in very little time.

The Bridge Report in Dead Space is a different case. As Isaac is on the trail of Nicole’s investigation into Dr. Mercer and his experiments, one report on the bridge requires you to look around a bit. If you want to save some time, here’s just where you can find it.

Where to find the Bridge Report in Dead Space

The specific report, containing one of Nicole’s conversations with the higher-ups of the Ishimura staff, is located on the Bridge. Specifically, it’s right there as you walk in, if you’re coming from the Tram Station. Just check the consoles on the right-hand side of the room as you walk in, and you’ll find it in no time.

Here’s a screenshot of the start of the video log, in case you need the visual context:

Dead Space
Screenshot by Destructoid

Just walk on up and you’ll see the prompt to play the log. Once you see Nicole and the captain talking, you’ll know you’ve got the right one.

Thankfully, most of the side quests are pretty straightforward, and Isaac’s waypoint direction will often take you right towards the next step. With this one ticked off, you’re not far from seeing the end of the side quest, and getting a cool reward in the process.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter