How to find intrinsic upgrades for Vexcalibur in Destiny 2

A secret superpower…

Destiny 2: Lightfall entered its second week and developer Bungie dropped a brand-new secret Exotic quest. As Guardians the world over clambered to get their hands on the new Exotic glaive, Vexcalibur, some were going the extra mile to discover its intrinsic upgrades. Vexcalibur is a void glaive that gives a void over shield after using its block function. Meleeing enemies will reset the timer for this over shield, meaning it can be almost infinite if there is enough enemy density to keep recharging.

After completing the Exotic quest the first time and getting Vexcalibur, Guardians will be given a second quest to complete in order to begin the process of unlocking the intrinsic upgrades for Vexcalibur in Destiny 2.

How to complete Authorization Override

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After the first successful run of the Exotic mission to get Vexcalibur, a new quest will be granted. Authorization Override is a short quest with just three steps, and Guardians must get Vex final blows using the Vexcalibur glaive. Melee kills with the weapon don’t count for this, but using the projectile will progress the percentage bar. To find areas with dense Vex population head to the Thrilladrome Lost Sector in Neomuna’s Liming Harbor or the daily Vex Incursion Zone, marked on the map. Away from Neomuna, the Orrery on Nessus or the Garden of Salvation raid entrance are also great places to farm Vex kills.

After completing this quest and heading back to the Helm, you’ll now be able to equip a mod called Authorization Override to the weapon. This gives Guardians the ability to walk through Vex barriers.

How to get the M1R Distribution Matrix II intrinsic trait – Data Retrieval: Substrate

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With the new mod equipped to your Vexcalibur weapon, head back into the “Node.Ovrd.Avalon” Exotic mission. When you jump down into the first area there’ll be a green node on the opposite side of the room on an elevated platform. Use your glaive’s new ability by using the shield to pass through the Vex barrier. Activate the glowing data node here. To find a second node, follow the river and jump into the platform above which is enclosed on either side by Vex barriers. Again, use Vexcalibur’s new ability to pass through the barrier and activate the node.

After doing so, a chest will spawn and you can collect the M1R Distribution Matrix II intrinsic trait which will also complete the Data Retrieval: Substrate triumph. Head to the relic at the Enclave on Mars to reshape Vexcalibur, as you will now be able to alter the first column of perks. With several secret triumphs available for the Exotic mission it’s expected that there will be more intrinsic traits to collect in the weeks to come.

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