How to fast travel with Floo Flames in Hogwarts Legacy

I didn’t discover it until many hours into the game

Using Floo Flames, you’ll be zipping around the world map in Hogwarts Legacy constantly. Keep in mind that navigating each quadrant and tier of the map can be a pain; especially if your quest is located in a multi-layered zone like Hogwarts. Here’s how to unlock Floo Flames, and use the “locate on map” feature to better get around the world.

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You’ll unlock Floo Flames in Hogwarts Legacy shortly after entering Hogwarts proper

After settling into your Common Room following the sorting ceremony in the intro: you’ll acquire Floo Flame fast travel points organically through the main story.

Think of Floo Flames like a fast travel network: explained away with the magic found in the original series. You’ll be using it throughout Hogwarts Legacy to quickly get around, in lieu of using your flying mount to get there. Fast travel is especially useful for teleporting between the three major zones: Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the outer world map.

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To use Floo Flames, just select the “travel” option on a green flame icon

You need to actively acquire each Floo Flame fast travel spot by walking or flying there. Inactive Floo Flame spots are black and white, while active ones are green. To activate a non-active spot, you just need to walk by it.

To select an active location and actually go there, press the Square (X on Xbox) button. Do not get used to pressing the X (A on Xbox) confirm button to fast travel! Pressing that button merely sets a course for that location, but doesn’t actually travel there.

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Use the “locate on map” feature for better fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy

One big tip I didn’t pick up on until many hours in: you can fast travel to places directly through the quest menu.

Open up the quest tab, and select a quest that allows the locate on map feature. Then, press Triangle (Y on Xbox) to instantly warp to the relevant location on the map (it’ll even zoom in a bit to give you a better view of nearby Floo Flames). You’ll be able to select from available Floo Flames.

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