How to equip a stake in Redfall

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The stakes have never been higher

Killing vampires is a big part of Redfall, and there are only a few weapons that can do it. While fire and explosions, or even the occasional UV ray might be available, a stake is the trusty tool that will always put the living dead of Redfall back in the grave.

After a vampire takes enough damage from more conventional weapons (i.e. bullets), they’ll go into a stunned state. It’s in this downed-but-not-out phase that you’ll need to stake them, using a weapon that has a stake attached. Now, the important note is that while a gun may come equipped with a stake, we haven’t found a way to put a stake on a gun that doesn’t have one. So if that sniper rifle, UV ray, or pistol doesn’t have some lumber down under-barrel already, then you’ll need to swap to another weapon. Or light a fire.

Which guns have stakes in Redfall?

In our experience playing so far, most of what you’d consider medium-range weapons have stake attachments. This mostly includes rifles (of the non-sniper variety) and shotguns. If it has a butt stock, it probably has a bayonet.

You can always check by viewing the weapon model, either in-menu or in-game. And in Redfall, a stake is a stake; we haven’t found any outright tangible difference, unless otherwise noted on the gun. For example, I have a golden shotgun that heals me every time I stake a vampire, but that’s on the gun, not the stake. I can’t take it off and put it on another gun for the same effect.

How to equip stakes in Redfall

What you can equip are different skins for your stakes. Because what’s a vampire slayer without style?

You start out with some options and gain more as the campaign goes on, and as you complete various objectives you can find throughout Redfall. To access this, just use the customize option and then click on the Stake option.

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This will open up a big screen, full of all the locked and unlocked options you have for vampire-stabbing. Just pick your favorite and you’re good to go.

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As we noted, you can unlock more throughout the story campaign or various objectives around the town. But whether you’ve got a fancy or crude implement, just make sure the pointy end points out and sticks in the vampires.

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