How to enable subtitles in Forspoken

It’s not immediately obvious!

I play nearly every game with subtitles on: especially open world games. With how glitchy so many projects are these days, I’ve had audio cues cut entirely; but subtitles have saved the day showing me what I missed, which could include a fun little bit of banter, or even a gameplay hint. Here’s how to enable subtitles in Forspoken. Speaking from personal experience, it’s not easy to find!

Subtitle options are in the accessibility tab, not in display or sound settings

After you have the ability to pause the first cutscene, you can enter the options menu and turn subtitles on. Naturally, I went to “display settings” and “sound settings” first, looking all over for them: to no avail! Five minutes later, I finally located it.

Here’s how to enable subtitles in Forspoken:

  • Pause the game and go to the settings menu
  • Scroll between the tabs at the bottom with L1 or R1 until you reach “accessibility”
  • Scroll down in the accessibility column until you find the subtitle heading

From there, you can adjust several options, including the overall toggle for subtitles, their size, background, speaker display, and even the units of measurement said subtitles use.

Chris Carter
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