How to easily get the two bugs, one stone achievement/trophy in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Thermal vision

Those pesky Regeneradors are back in the Resident Evil 4 remake, and you’ll once again be using the infrared scope to take them out. Here’s a quick way to clear out the two bugs, one stone achievement/trophy while you’re picking it up.

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Grab the achievement/trophy in the Incubation lab, right after you get the infrared scope

While you can technically get this achievement/trophy any time you kill two parasites inside of a Regenerador with a single bullet: you’ll want to clear two bugs, one stone immediately after acquiring the infrared scope in the Incubation Lab. After picking it up, the game will give you a hint: you need to get a tool (a wrench) from one of the dormant Regeneradors laying dormant in the glass.

Get out your Stingray rifle (or any rifle that can use the infrared scope) and aim at the Regenerador on the left (facing the front of the room, from where you got the scope). Take out the lone parasite, and leave the pair. As it gets up you’ll have an easy perfect shot to hit the two remaining parasites: as the previously dormant Regenerador will struggle to get up.

If you miss, try it again on the right Regenerador: repeat until you pop the achievement/trophy. There are other opportunities after this, but this method is the quickest.

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