How to easily complete the grave robber request in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Easy peasy graveyard squeezy

The Resident Evil 4 remake has an interesting “request” system, which will grant you Spinels (a gem currency) for your trouble: which can be turned in for rewards at The Merchant. Here’s how to finish the grave robber one in Chapter 3, which is one of the easier requests thus far.

All you need to do is slash/destroy the headstones on two graves, which are accessible as soon as you enter the church graveyard

As you enter the church zone, you’ll want to head into the main gate at the top of the hill to cue up a story cutscene. Following that, veer right and go all the way down the path outside: turn left and pick up the blue request note.

Go back down out of the main church area into the graveyard at the bottom of the hill. Spot the two tombstones pictured above near the entrance to the graveyard (they’re right next to each other), and destroy them through any means (knifing them is the easiest). Ding! Both of the objectives for the grave robber request will pop, and it’ll be complete.

Screenshot by Destructoid

You can turn in the request immediately by heading to The Merchant nearby

After finishing up this request, you can immediately turn around and head back the way you came (away from the church and out of the graveyard) to turn it into The Merchant.

You’ll get two Spinels as a reward!

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