How to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy

How to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy

The seaweed is always greener

There have been very few times in the Wizarding World in which we’ve seen the characters explore the undersea world, but you can dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy. While the feature is extremely limited in the game, you can explore new areas and get some loot for all your effort by diving into the lake and rivers of the game.

Don’t expect a glorious undersea world in Hogwarts Legacy (you’ll need to watch Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire for that), but here’s how to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Can you dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy?

Diving underwater in Hogwarts Legacy
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The gorgeous Scottish scenery of Hogwarts Legacy does allow you to dive underwater in specific areas of the open world. Take a gander at the World Map on the main menu and observe the water. You’ll want to look for a Treasure Vault symbol, which looks like a cave. Once you’ve found one of them within the rivers and lakes of Hogwarts Legacy, press the cross button (or A on Xbox) to set a waypoint.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll see a ripple within the water as you swim over to the treasure vault location. As you near the middle of the ripple, there should be a UI indicator in-game that says “Dive.” Hold the square button (X on Xbox) to begin the process and venture into the treasure vault cave.

Unfortunately, there is no way to explore the underwater world of Hogwarts Legacy freely. Perhaps, we’ll see that in a potential sequel with some gillyweed at hand. If that ever occurs, publisher WB Games and developer Avalanche Software should look at the exceptional locomotion and movement of Sora swimming underwater in Kingdom Hearts 3‘s The Caribbean for inspiration.

Other tips to find treasure

Once you find yourself around a new location (classroom, hamlet, etc), you should instantly cast Revelio. It will highlight treasure chests that have yet to be opened and Revelio Pages to discover. Something that will help this process is to upgrade the range of the Revelio spell through the Talent Points system. You’ll need to be at least Level 16 to unlock this talent, however, but you can find it within the “Core” section of the menu.

In addition, you can increase your chance of getting awesome loot by drinking a Felix Felicis potion. Known for bringing good luck in the books and movies, this potion reveals the locations of large loot chests on the minimap for one in-game day. You can create it at a potions station with one bottle of Lacewing Flies and one Fluxweed Stem.

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