How to destroy the catapults at the castle Resident Evil 4 remake

Bring a rifle and a few grenades

Chapter 7 is one of my favorite parts of the Resident Evil 4 remake, as it kicks off the castle portion of the game. Before you actually get into Ramon Salazar’s house of fun, you’ll need to deal with the castle gates and some pesky catapults. Here’s how to take them out.

Using a rifle (or pistol) to snipe the red barrels near catapults is the easiest way to take them out

As you enter the castle’s threshold, four total catapults will start bombarding you. This is a precarious area because Ashley can easily get hit by them, so you’ll need to play it safe. The faster you take out the catapults, the easier the area will be to clear as a whole. To destroy catapults, you’ll need to shoot/toss grenades at red barrels near the contraptions: which will cause them to explode.

Each catapult conveniently has a red barrel next to it, and a rifle (or pistol) works best in terms of accuracy.

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Tossing grenades up into the spires works too

Grenades can be used to trigger red barrel explosions, and actually work better in some cases than trying to find the right angle to shoot them.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Here’s a map of all four catapults and how to blow them up

Here is how to clear every catapult with ease:

  • After turning the corner into the castle gate area and getting bombarded by the first catapult, go straight and up the stairs; turning left at the top. Huddle next to the main gate (that’s currently closed) and toss a grenade up into the spire to the right.
  • Turn around and make your way to the walkway in the upper area: Veer right and look across the gap (looking at the castle gate) to spot another barrel. Shoot it with a pistol.
  • Look up to spot another barrel and hit it with your pistol: this little nook allows you to take out two catapults quickly.
  • Head over the other walkway into the circular area with the hole in the middle: turn around and look left. Snipe the barrel (or hit it with a pistol) to take out the fourth catapult.
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