How to customize your Attache Case in Resident Evil 4 remake

The Perfect Case For the Man on a Mission

Resident Evil 4 has Leon Kennedy going on a perilous journey to save the president’s daughter. He’ll need all the weapons he can get, and he luckily has his nifty attache case to keep everything in. It’s a vital piece of equipment, and players can spruce it up to grant them several gameplay advantages. To find out how to customize Leon’s attaché case in the Resident Evil 4 remake, look no further.

How to Increase Inventory Space in Attache Case in Resident Evil 4 Remake

As is the case with other titles in the franchise, inventory management is an important part of RE 4‘s gameplay. Although there is plenty for Leon to collect and craft, he may not always have the space to store it. Consequently, players have to make critical choices when it comes to what they’ll carry in their attaché case and what they’ll sell or leave behind. It makes life much easier when the attaché’s inventory space is expanded, as there is plenty more space for all the handguns in Resident Evil 4. This can be done by purchasing upgrades from the Merchant. By default, the case has 70 inventory blocks, but with each upgrade, the number of blocks is increased to:

  • 84 (Chapter 2 – 10, 000 Pesetas)
  • 96 (Chapter 4 – 20, 000 Pesetas)
  • 104 (Chapter 9 – 36, 000 Pesetas)
  • 117 (Chapter 13 – 64, 000 Pesetas)
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How to Add Charms to the Attache Case in Resident Evil 4 Remake

In addition to increasing the inventory space, players can also add cute charms to the attaché case. These are more than just cosmetic additions, and they grant Leon certain perks depending on what charm has been added. For example, the Striker charm increases the player’s running speed, while the Merchant charm reduces how much money is needed when buying from the Merchant. Charms are obtained in Resident Evil 4 by winning tokens from the Merchant’s shooting ranges. When Leon has three tokens, they can be slotted into the Token Machine to reap a charm. Some players may already have charms if they pre-ordered or purchased the Deluxe or Collector’s editions of the game.

How to Get Different Attache Cases In Resident Evil 4 Remake

It’s also possible to acquire new attaché cases, and they come with some bonus perks. By default, Leon has the Silver attache case which increases the drop rate of handgun ammo. In Chapter Four, players unlock the ability to purchase the Black attaché case for 8 Spinels, and it increases the drop rate of large Resources. The Leather attache case can be purchased in Chapter Eight for 12 Spinels, and it increases the drop rate of red herbs. The last two attaché cases – the Gold and the Classic – are DLC available with the Deluxe and Collector’s editions. The Gold attaché case increases the money drop rate while the Classic attaché case does the same for gunpowder.

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To customize the attaché case, players simply need to head to the nearest Resident Evil 4 typewriter. It’s useful to occasionally swap out attaché cases or charms when Leon is low on a certain kind of ammo. Although it’s easy to neglect the case, with some clever planning, it can give Leon the edge he needs to beat the odds.

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