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Patch 6.3 for Final Fantasy XIV is live, and while gods may revel and lands indeed tremble, there’s some island work to be done too. The Island Sanctuary received several updates, and among them is a new upgrade to craft an Iron Hatchet for more resource gathering.

The Iron Hatchet lets you start acquiring even more resources from several nodes around the island. Through the Iron Hatchet, you can pick up Island Resin, Island Coconut, Island Beehive Chip, and the Island Wood Opal from different tree nodes around the Island Sanctuary. That’s a lot of extra crafting material.

How to get the Iron Hatchet recipe

The first thing you’ll need for crafting an Iron Hatchet is a recipe. With Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3, the Island Sanctuary rank cap has been bumped up from 10 to 12. You’ll need to be at rank 10 to pick up the quest from the Felicitous Furball, inside your sanctuary’s abode.

Other requirements are unclear, though some have reported that you may need to fill up your current allotment of building slots to get the Iron Hatchet recipe. This means both constructing a building and interacting with the signpost, so you see its “job’s done” cutscene. Once you’re up to speed, the Furball should have a quest marker over its head. Chat with it and you’ll be able to craft the Iron Hatchet. Luckily, its components are pretty easy to gather: just a small quantity of lumber, iron ore, and quartz. If you’re at Rank 10 and have flying unlocked, this should be easy enough to cobble together.

Using the Iron Hatchet

Once you’ve made the Iron Hatchet, you can get to work gathering new resources for new goods to ship out. Those Seafarer’s Cowries aren’t going to roll in all by themselves, you know.

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