How to craft a Furnace in Coral Island

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Coral Island is an engaging farming and life simulation game that offers a range of activities, including fishing, farming, crafting, and more. One of many items you can craft in the game is the Furnace. It enables players to convert ores into bars, which serve various purposes within the game. Here is a guide on how to craft a Furnace in Coral Island.

How to craft a Furnace in Coral Island

In order to craft a Furnace in Coral Island, you must wait until you gain access to the Cavern. You will automatically get access on the 5th day of the game. Once you have access to the Cavern, enter it and search for a Bronze Ore. After obtaining the bronze ore, return to your home and go to bed. The next day, when you wake up and leave your house, you will find Pablo, the blacksmith, waiting at your doorstep. He will give you the blueprint for the Furnace.

Now that you have obtained the blueprint for the Furnace, you are ready to start crafting it. To craft the Furnace in the game, gather the following items:

  • Stone ×40
  • Bronze ore ×20

You can obtain stones by breaking rocks with a Pickaxe on your farm. Alternatively, you can acquire Bronze Ore by breaking rocks with bronze ores in the Cavern or purchasing it from Pablo, the blacksmith. Once you have gathered the necessary materials, open the crafting menu and select Furnace to begin crafting.

After crafting a Furnace, place it near your farm. Once placed, you can interact with it to smelt bars. For example, to craft a bronze bar, gather 5x bronze ore and 1x coal, then put them inside the Furnace to obtain a bronze bar.

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