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How to complete the shooting range in the Dead Space remake

Isaac tackles the the Engineer’s Gauntlet

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Isaac Clarke may be an engineer by trade, but circumstances aboard the USG Ishimura require some force as well. The shooting range returns in the Dead Space remake, and it’s worth the detour for the prizes that await inside.

The shooting gallery becomes accessible during Chapter 8, “Search and Rescue,” and only during Chapter 8. So once you find it aboard the Valor, you’ll want to tackle it ASAP or risk losing the rewards until your next run.

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Activating the shooting range in Dead Space

Thankfully, it’s a fairly straightforward task. Simply hit the prompt to start the range, and then proceed down the range, hitting a few targets as you go. Don’t worry too much about score though, as the range will quickly turn into something much more lethal.

After a few targets have been downed, the room will go red and actual necromorphs will drop in for some real target practice. This can be chaotic and hectic, especially since the area inside the range is fairly narrow and has a lot of corners.

My suggestion here, from my own time with Dead Space, is to make good use of your close-quarters weapons. The Ripper can do some work in these tight corridors, shredding enemies and creating a buffer zone in front of Isaac. Additionally, the Line Gun’s laser traps can help cut off a potential flanking area. Just be careful to not turn around and run into it.

Once the necromorphs are cleared, the A.I. shrugs and says, you know what? You’ve earned what’s in those lockers. Have at ’em.

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How to get the “Front Towards Enemy” achievement/trophy

The trophy / achievement “Front Towards Enemy” is rewarded for surviving the shooting gallery, so you’ll get it as soon as you’ve made it out the other side alive. That, plus a few lockers full of goodies, is pretty worth the narrow brush with death.

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