How to complete the Muddy Waters DMZ mission in Modern Warfare 2

How to complete the Muddy Waters DMZ mission

Extract all three pieces of intel on Ashika Island

One of the latest DMZ missions in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 tasks players with visiting Ashika Island. There are three separate pieces of intel and objectives players must discover before they can finish the mission. Here’s how to complete the Muddy Waters DMZ mission.

How to complete the Muddy Waters DMZ mission

Muddy Waters DMZ mission
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First and foremost, ensure that you are playing the DMZ mode in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. While Ashika Island exists in Resurgence, too, that game mode won’t let you complete the Muddy Waters DMZ mission.

To complete this mission, you’ll need to find three separate pieces of intel. Now, you can find all three pieces in separate DMZ missions if you want, which I suggest. Even though Ashika Island is quite small, even a single death will spend the end of your attempts to clear this task.

I recommend going after one piece of intel at a time and then extracting afterward. You have to successfully extract with each intel piece or else you won’t complete the mission, so this is one challenge you should a step at a time.

Here are three intel you need to find for the Muddy Waters DMZ mission on Ashika Island:

  1. A Shadow Company USB stick
  2. Ashika Island Intel document
  3. Crown Intel document

Where to find the Shadow Company USB stick

The Muddy Waters DMZ mission starts with the first item you need, which is in the southeastern corner of the Beach Club point of interest. There is a notable circular building at the end of the pier. What you want to do is swim below the building and you’ll see some windows you can break through.

Bust through them and there is a toolbox on the floor in this area. Interact with it and you’ll find the USB stick inside it. You just want to be careful here since you are underwater and your health can slip away before you know it.

Ashika Island Intel location

The second spot is for the Ashika Island Intel item. To get here, head to the lengthy underground waterway system that goes through the middle of the island. Once you reach the spot marked on the map above, which is just under Tsuki Castle, you’ll find a white shipment crate that is partially open.

Head inside this shipment crate and you’ll find the Ashika Island Intel on the floor for you to interact with. There are a lot of NPC guards in this underground waterway area so watch out for them. In addition, I find there is usually an extraction point near here above ground, so it might be worth extracting as soon as you get this one.

Crown Intel location

Finally, there is the Crown Intel. This is by far the trickiest one since it requires the player to head inside a Stronghold. Go to the Stronghold marked on the map above and take out the NPC guards around it until you find the Stronghold key.

Once you have this, take the ladder to the roof of the building and use the key to open the Stronghold building. There is a command center here on the top floor inside the building and the Crown Intel item is on the floor in front of the control system.

Like the second point, there is an extraction point usually right next to this spot, so be sure to get out as fast as you can so you don’t lose the item.

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