How to complete the Lost Lullabies detour in Forspoken

forspoken lost lullabies guide

‘May your Christmas Days be… nice…’

Once our girl Frey Holland has completed the main questline of Square Enix’ mythic adventure Forspoken, there are still many “Detours” (side-quests) to complete, trophies to earn, and narrative threads to be wrapped up. Perhaps one of the most important of these is the “Lost Lullabies” detour, which actually offers up a little more closure for Frey’s familial heritage.

This guide contains minor plot spoilers for Forspoken, though it will remain as vague as possible.

To activate the Lost Lullabies detour, players will first have to have completed and rolled credits on the main story thread. Once that has been achieved, then Lost Lullabies can be started by speaking to the librarian… sorry, “archivist”, Johandy, who can be found standing on the Cipal causeway, leading to the main staircase of the Cipal Council building.

forspoken lost lullabies

Frey will need to speak to Johandy, who will then ask our hero to visit her in the Cipal archives. Go to the archives and speak to Johandy again, and Frey will be given a book about Tanta Cinta, authored by, of all people, Jennesh Hekkadi, who remains locked in the Cipal jail. Leave the Archives and hang an immediate left to visit the Tower of Binnoi and talk to Jennesh. After exhausting a somewhat bitter conversation, Jennesh will hand Frey a small, unassuming key.

lost lullabies

From this point on, the player has access to the gate at the rear of Cipal, located in the lower city just past the decaying soul tree. Go through this gate and then straight ahead to Junoon Castle, where Frey’s adventure first began. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a Breakstorm and a welcoming committee of beasties, so be prepared for quite the fight. Once you have defeated the enemies and the storm has passed enter the castle through its broken wall — returning to the site of Frey’s very first Athian encounter.

Once inside the castle, Frey will be greeted by a beckoning vision. Follow the vision to a secret hiding place, wherein you will activate a dramatic cutscene and have thus completed the Lost Lullabies detour.

Before you move on, be sure to check our guide for unlocking and entering The Forbidden Meadow. This area is located very close to the rear of Junoon Castle. It’s well worth the time and effort.

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