How to complete the Lilac Ramble quest in WoW Dragonflight

You’ll need to travel far: thankfully you have dragonriding

It still blows my mind how early you get dragonriding in WoW Dragonflight. While many quests are gated in expansions through sheer walking/riding distances, getting to quests in far off regions is a breeze. Here’s how to finish out the Lilac Ramble questline.

Where is Lilac Ramble in WoW: Dragonflight?

The questline that leads you to Lilac Ramble is located in the Shady Sanctuary: at coordinates 25.03, 56.86 in Ohn’aran Plains. The NPC that kicks off the quest is named Celina Crunchyleaves. It’s an essential part of the achievement Sojourner of Ohn’ahran Plains.

You can find full visual aids for the location of the questline in the gallery above. Note that you can basically fly there immediately if you want, and make sure to pick up the Shady Sanctuary flight path at coordinates 29.9, 57.15.

How to complete the Lilac Ramble questline

Here’s how the Lilac Ramble questline plays out:

  • Find Theramus – head to the cave at 24.7, 64.2 (the furthest one), and speak to the NPC Theramus inside. Speak to Celina Crunchyleaves, who will reappear right outside of said cave.
  • Can’t Beat Fluffy – Go to coordinates 23.4, 66.2, and catch the Glade Hopper critters with the Versatile Longnet quest item (you can catch multiple Glade Hoppers within its radius)
  • Suspiciously Spiced Steak – Kill mobs in the marked area to get the appropriate reagents for the quest
  • Food or Floof – Return to Theramus and talk to him
  • More than Weeds – Kill the mobs in the marked area and clear out bramble (anything highlighted will count toward percentage completion, and rounding up Flyspawn Beetles is a quick way to finish the quest out)
  • Proof of Negligence – Head to the three marked quest locations to pick up the decayed flower, pulsating thorn, and injured cub quest items
  • Enough is Enough – Talk to Theramus again
  • In Memory of Ysera – Talk to Theramus one last time

In all, the questline shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete. Good luck!

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