How to complete the “Lighthouse Restoration” quest in Octopath Traveler 2

octopath traveler 2 lighthouse restoration quest start

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

“Lighthouse Restoration” can be started by talking to the lighthouse owner in Harborlands: Canalbrine. He expresses distress over the lighthouse reflector being broken so it can’t operate, making it now just a house. This is a difficult quest to complete in Octopath Traveler 2, as the prerequisites to complete it are high.

There are two main requirements to complete the “Lighthouse Restoration” quest. You will first need a ship, which costs a very hefty 100,000 leaves, and requires Portitio to purchase. The second requirement is to have a team strong enough to withstand the danger level 34 seas that you need to sail through. 

We have a handy guide for how to buy a boat in Octopath Traveler 2, so check that out if you don’t yet have yours. To survive the treacherous open ocean, it’s wise to have a team of heroes at around level 30 or higher. Additionally, some suitably strong equipment to take care of any big nasties will help too. With all of the above, you’re ready to set sail for a new lighthouse reflector.

How to get the new lighthouse reflector in Octopath Traveler 2

To get the new lighthouse reflector, you will need to have Portitio in your party to use his purchase ability. There won’t be an option to adjust your party after setting sail, so make sure he’s with you before leaving port. 

octopath traveler 2 lighthouse restoration location
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Once you’re on the ocean, you need to head for a small island to the north of the map. Check out the screenshot above for the exact location. Be careful if traveling with a weaker party, as there’s no option to save the game on the ocean. Otherwise, you’ll need to start your journey over if you die. There are a few islands that have save spots, but they have even higher danger levels than the seas. Anyone who wants to attempt the journey with an under-leveled party might find it useful to bring Osvald along and equip his Evasive Maneuvers skill to reduce dangerous encounters. 

Once you’ve arrived (hopefully in one piece!) at the island, go to the lighthouse and talk to the owner. He will say he has recently installed a new reflector and that he has a spare. Make sure you talk to him during the day, and you can use Portitio’s purchase ability to buy his spare reflector for 1500 leaves. 

Don’t worry if you’re short on cash, there’s a chest just to the west of the lighthouse with a nice stack of 12,000 leaves. 

octopath traveler 2 lighthouse restoration reflector purchase
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Once you buy the reflector, fast-travel back to Canalbrine and present the new part to the worried lighthouse owner. Afterwards, he’ll thank you for making the seas a safer place and reward you with 12,000 leaves, the Lighthouse Keeper’s Bandana, and a Tough Nut (L).

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