How to complete the Gone Phishing mission in DMZ Warzone

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With the introduction of the Vondel map in Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone, several exciting features were added, including the Signals Intelligence DMZ contract. This contract enables you to hack other contracts and earn passive income. For those seeking greater rewards, there’s a mission called Gone Phishing, where you must hack three contracts using the Signals Intelligence contract. However, here’s the catch you must complete all of this within a single match, making it quite challenging.

Completing Gone Phishing will not only earn you valuable XP, but also reward you with the SP-R 208 (Contraband). So, seize the opportunity to add a powerful weapon to your arsenal. Let’s dive into the mission’s details and explore some additional tips to help you out.

Signals Intelligence contract icon on map for the Gone Phishing mission
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Hack three contracts using the Signals Intelligence contract

You can only complete the Signals Intelligence contracts on Vondel, so make sure you deploy there. Now, here’s the deal – keep your eyes peeled for those green phone icons on your tac map. They’re all over the place, but the one you’re after is the special kind with a circuit-like pattern. See the the ones marked on the map above. Hunt one down, give it a tap, and you’ll get yourself a Signals Intelligence contract.

After obtaining the Signals Intelligence contract, you’ll notice that the other contracts turn blue on the map. You’ll need to hack these blue contracts, and you can do this by interacting with them. Once hacked, these contracts will cancel, ensuring that no other player can complete them. Your objective is to hack three of these contracts to complete the mission.

Hacking contracts to get passive income
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Keep in mind that finding all three contracts in close proximity is ideal, but if they are scattered, be prepared to traverse the map and face AI opponents along the way. Additionally, hacking these contracts will reward you with ongoing payments for a few minutes, allowing you to earn passive income over time.

Here’s a little trick – during this mission, try taking down the AI Soldiers while standing, crouching, and going prone. There’s another mission called Street Smarts in Tier 2 for the Phalanx faction, where you need to eliminate 25 enemies in each of these positions. It might not complete the mission right away, but it will definitely count toward your progress. So give it a shot and see how far you can get!

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