BitLife Golden Gals challenge
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How to complete the Golden Gals challenge in BitLife

The golden years are just beginning.

BitLife’s Golden Gals challenge has arrived. During the challenge, you’ll live quite an interesting and exciting life as you work as a teacher, have an unfortunate marriage, and make friends in later years. Here’s how to complete the Golden Gals challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife Golden Gals Challenge guide

BitLife’s Golden Gals challenge has five objectives for you to complete:

  • Be born a female in Miami
  • Work as a teacher for 20+ years
  • Get a divorce
  • Make three female friends at the age of 55+
  • Date a clown at age 55+

This challenge has multiple layers, from keeping your job as a teacher and avoiding having a criminal record to eventually pursuing marriage, getting a divorce, and befriending others. Nonetheless, there are numerous ways to complete the Golden Gals challenge if you survive until age 55 or older.

Be born a female in Miami

The first part of the Golden Gals challenge is to create a new female character born in Miami. To do this, choose the United States as your starting country and Miami as your place.

BitLife born in Miami for Golden Gals challenge
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As long as you satisfy this initial objective, it doesn’t matter what your name, stats, or special talent is. However, having high smarts and looks can make it easier to become a teacher and get married later.

Work as a teacher

After creating your new character, age them up until they turn 18. Here, you’ll need to apply to university and pursue an education degree. Although getting a scholarship makes it easier to pay your loan later, it isn’t required to complete the challenge.

BitLife school teacher job
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Once you graduate from university, search the full-time job list until you find a school teacher position. If you don’t see it right away, age up or close and reopen the BitLife app. Apply for the job and pass the interview to become a school teacher. Keep the job for at least 20 years to complete the second task.

Get a divorce

Your next task in the Golden Gals challenge is to get married and file for divorce. To do this, start dating someone by heading into Activities, Love, and Date. Find anyone you’d like and date them for a few years until one of you proposes. To save some money, you can wait for them to initiate it.

BitLife filing for divorce
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Now that you’ve had your wedding, file for divorce. You can do this immediately or wait a few years; it’s entirely up to you when you divorce your spouse. Once you confirm your choice, the judge will divide your assets depending on whether you signed a prenuptial agreement. Either way, completing the divorce process finishes the third challenge task.

Make three female friends after age 55

Now that you’ve reached age 55, it’s time to make some friends and begin dating again. There are multiple ways to make friends, but my go-to way is to befriend my coworkers. If you’re still working as a teacher or got a new job, you can talk to your coworkers and make a few friends to finish this task quickly. Alternatively, you can return to university and pursue graduate school, allowing you to befriend your classmates.

Date a clown after age 55

The last task of BitLife’s Golden Gals challenge is to date a clown after you turn 55. Although dating is easy, finding a clown is challenging. You can do this in two ways: randomly search through your dating options until you find a clown by chance, or become one yourself.

If you’re lucky, you can go through the date menu and continuously look for random NPCs until you find someone with the clown occupation. However, this is entirely luck-based, so finding someone may take a few in-game years.

BitLife clown full-time job
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If you prefer a quicker route, you can look for a clown position in the full-time job list and become one, allowing you to date one of your coworkers. However, becoming a clown requires being male in BitLife, so you’ll have to get gender reassignment surgery to do this. Alternatively, you can become a circus performer or magician. Either way, find a clown and begin dating them to wrap up the Golden Gals challenge.

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