How to complete The Beast’s Challenge quest in Diablo 4

One little voice is Kauller me

The Beast’s Challenge is an early quest that you can find within Act 1 of Diablo 4. You’ll pick this up in Yelesna, and completing it will add to your Renown in Fractured Peaks.

Like many quests in Diablo 4, this one is fortunately very straightforward. Firstly, you need to find Kauller the Collector, which is an Elite found north of Yelesna. Here’s what you need to do.

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Where to find Kauller the Collector

At the start of the quest, you’ll receive a prompt to look in an area north of Yelesna. Fortunately, since Kauller is an Elite, you’ll know immediately when you find it. Check our map above to see where we found this beast.

Fortunately, Kauller shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge. If you’re not underleveled, you should burn this thing by yourself without much trouble. Lean into your potions if necessary, since you’ll return to town immediately afterwards.

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Turning in The Beast’s Challenge

Once you defeat Kaller the Collector, return to Greganoch in Yelesna. He’ll exchange a few short words with you, but this won’t resolve the quest on its own. Afterwards, go to the large stake next to him and interact with it. This will prompt you to mount the head of the beast for everyone in town to see.

That’s all you need to do for this sidequest! You’ll find many other sidequests in Yelesna as well, make sure you don’t skip them!

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