How to complete Find the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Baldur's Gate 3 Find the Nightsong

Despite being one of the earliest side quests you can pick up on, Find The Nightsong is a venture that will last you throughout much of Baldur’s Gate 3. And while you won’t be able to check it off right away, the rewards for its outcomes are very much worth the wait.

You’ll first pick up on the Nightsong early on, likely from talking to the mercenaries you can meet at the Emerald Grove in Act 1. If Aradin survives the fight, or others, you can talk to them to learn about how a wizard named Lorroakan has been promising riches for adventurers who can bring him the Nightsong.

Seeking the Nightsong is what can help you find the secret Underdark entrance underneath the Goblin Camp. And it persists through Act 2, as you soon learn that Ketheric Thorm and his necromancer Balthazar are also interested in the relic. Eventually, you’ll head to the Gauntlet of Shar and discover the truth behind the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3. (Story spoilers to follow, if you haven’t reached this point yet.)

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Where to Find the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you dive into the Shadowfell at the conclusion of the Gauntlet of Shar, you’ll discover the truth: the Nightsong is not a relic, but a person. The aasimar Dame Aylin has been captured, and a spell cast on her is the source of Thorm’s immortality.

If you choose to free her, rather than let Shadowheart take her out, she’ll follow your party through the conclusion of Act 2 (as long as she survives the battles to come) and into Act 3. Then, once you reach the city of Baldur’s Gate, you can look into the reward for “finding” the Nightsong.

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Once you’ve accessed the Lower City area, you can head to Sorcerous Sundries (X:-8, Y:-76) and meet back up with Aylin if he’s still around. I highly recommend deceiving him about knowing anything of the Nightsong. I didn’t see any immediate repercussions for telling Aylin and promptly telling him off, but hey, you don’t need more enemies right now.

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If you’ve kept Rolan alive up through this point, you’ll meet another familiar face at the counter inside. He becomes an important part of this quest later on, but for now, he directs us upstairs towards Lorroakan.

At the top, an illusion will appear with a robocall-like system, asking what we’re here for. Mention the Nightsong and Lorroakan will open up several portals, as a sort of “check” to see whether you actually have it. Each portal has a description of what the Nightsong could be on it; choose the blue portal, which describes the Nightsong as an immortal child of a divine being.

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Meet Lorroakan inside, and he’ll offer you a deal: let him re-imprison the Nightsong for his own gain, and he’ll reward you with a boatload of treasure. Pretty straightforward, if pretty evil too.

Should you side with Lorroakan or Dame Aylin?

Head back to your camp to chat with Dame Aylin, and you can make the big choice of the Find the Nightsong quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. On one hand, incredible treasure. On the other, major ethical quandaries and a potentially powerful ally.

I can’t make you, the reader, choose something. But seriously, you should side with Aylin on this one. For one, keeping Dame Aylin (and Isobel by extension) around nets you two allies for the coming final battle. Secondly, you can still get a ton of great treasure from the tower, especially if Rolan is still alive. Thirdly, Lorroakan sucks. In a game full of bad dudes, this guy is a first-round pick for the worst of the worst.

Give Aylin a heads up, and she’ll head off to confront him, with your help if you offer it. A word of advice: if Aylin is not full health at this point, heal her in camp before sending her after Lorroakan. Both she and Isobel were still low on health from Act 2, and they don’t seem to recover during any of the Long Rests you’ve been doing. Don’t be like me and walk into a big fight with almost no health on Aylin’s bar.

How to defeat Lorroakan in Baldur’s Gate 3

After a quick confrontation back at the tower, and a few more dialogue options if you want to change your mind, you can kick Lorroakan’s magical butt alongside Aylin. If present, Rolan will also ally himself with your cause.

There are two major threats in this fight: the elemental myrmidons and the wizard himself. Let the Nightsong do some frontlining and give her a decent berth, as she’ll start dropping Moonbeams pretty quick.

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The high priority elements to take off the board are the Air, Earth, and Fire elementals. Air will create a field that silences your party and does damage, which not only interrupts casting but makes it harder to heal Aylin and your crew. The Earth fighter is just incredibly beefy, and can inflict some annoying debuffs. Fire does a lot of damage, but tends to charge in fast, making it an easy early target. Don’t forget Klank, the armor suit, is also here and can do some damage if you’re not careful, though Aylin often wiped Klank out pretty fast for me.

For Lorroakan, Counterspells are helpful. Having Karlach on the team makes it easy to get in his face and deal with any Hellish Rebukes he uses. It’s hard to beat his stats and lock him down with magic, but a Barbarian can make short work of the puny wizard.

Once you’ve won, Dame Aylin will go full Bane on Lorroakan, and Rolan will inherit the tower. With his blessing, you can start to pilfer the place for its treasures, including a specific book for Gale. And back at camp, Isobel and Aylin tell you they’ve found a Selunite enclave nearby that they’re going to help out, and eventually add to your forces for the final confrontation. All that, from a simple Find the Nightsong request at the start of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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