How to complete Explosive Ordnance Disposal mission in DMZ Warzone

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Complete Explosive Ordnance Disposal in DMZ the easy way or the hard way

Call of Duty Season 04 Reloaded has gone live with the fantastic collaboration featuring Amazon’s The Boys and a range of new additions. Looking ahead, the highly anticipated Season 5 should arrive in the coming months. However, before we jump into the future, let’s wrap up all the Season 4 missions.

One mission in particular that’s been causing quite a trouble is Explosive Ordnance Disposal in DMZ. As the name suggests, your objective is to defuse an enemy team’s charge at a supply site. It’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping! I’m sure you have plenty of confusion about this mission, so let’s not waste any time.

Destroy Supplies contract in Warzone
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Defuse an enemy team’s charge at a supply site

The first and only task of this mission requires defusing an enemy team’s charge at a supply site. Let’s break down the strategy you should use.

First, you need to locate an enemy team actively engaging in the Destroy Supplies contract. You can identify this contract on the map above, marked with a specific icon. Keep in mind that you can complete this mission on any of the three available maps, so choose the one where you feel most comfortable.

Now, there are two ways you can complete this mission. The first involves taking the path intended for players here. You’ll need a bit of luck to find a team that is working on the Destroy Supplies contract. Once you locate such a team, engage in combat, clear out the area, and then defuse the charge to successfully complete the mission.

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Alternatively, if you’re primarily focused on quickly completing DMZ missions, you can consider collaborating with an enemy team. Keep in mind that this approach may compromise the authenticity of the mission. However, if time is of the essence, communicate with a friendly enemy team and choose a common location where you can find a Destroy Supplies contract. Inform the enemy team to activate the contract, and then coordinate your efforts to clear the area together.

Once they have planted the bomb, pick it up and defuse it to successfully complete the mission.

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