How to complete “Culinary Cunning” side quest in Octopath Traveler 2

The Gordan Ramsey of Beastling Village

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The “Culinary Cunning” side quest in Octopath Traveler 2 is one of the easier adventures in the hit RPG. The quest begins by talking to a young resident of Beastling Village on the island of Toto’haha. You’ll find the cooking enthusiast on the top level of huts in the village. He has had a taste of “tingly meat” from a human traveler, and he needs to get his hands on a recipe to satiate his newfound love.

Unfortunately, the budding chef is short on details besides saying the meat is “tingly” and that he wants a recipe. Although he doesn’t know it, what our young friend desires is a spicy chicken recipe.

How to get the spicy chicken recipe in Octopath Traveler 2

Getting the spicy chicken recipe is relatively simple. Vendors in Tropu’hopu on the island of Toto’haha have the recipe. However, to get to Tropu’hopu, your team needs to be strong enough to traverse the danger level 18 path between the two areas. Generally speaking, a team of four heroes that are around level 15 or above and have suitably upgraded equipment should take care of whatever stands in your way.

It’s not a path that can easily be taken at lower levels, so it may be wise to level up in the danger level 11 area just north of Beasting Village first. To get to Tropu’hopu, simply head northeast from Beasting Village or go directly east from Beasting Bay: Anchorage.

Once you’ve arrived in Tropu’hopu, you’ll need to have a hero that can get information from people such as Osvald or Castti. Go to the Floating Theater in the north of the town and use Osvald to scrutinize or Castti to inquire with the street vendor closest to the entrance. Make sure you visit the Floating Theater during the day to have access to the correct abilities.

octopath traveler 2 spicy chicken recipe
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After using scrutinize or inquire on the street vendor, you’ll receive the spicy chicken recipe like in the image above. To complete the quest, take the recipe to the cooking enthusiast in Beastling Village. You can fast travel back to the village to avoid the dangerous area between the two towns.

octopath traveler 2 culinary cunning quest reward
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Talk to the enthusiast, and you’ll have the option to give him the recipe. He’ll be overjoyed that he can now cook as much spicy chicken as his heart desires. Afterwards, he will give you 3000 Leaves and the suitably named Gluttonous Glaive weapon as a reward.

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