How to complete A Spicy Encounter quest in Fae Farm

Satisfy Flammo’s fiery cravings in Fae Farm.


In Fae Farm, where magical creatures and lush landscapes abound, players embark on thrilling quests to uncover hidden treasures and unlock new areas. One such quest is “A Spicy Encounter,” which involves assisting Flammo, a fiery character with a penchant for all spicy things. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to obtain the necessary ingredients to satisfy Flammo’s fiery cravings and complete A Spicy Encounter quest in Fae Farm.

How to complete A Spicy Encounter quest in Fae Farm 

The “A Spicy Encounter” quest requires players to gather various ingredients and deliver them to Flammo. These ingredients include 15x Fireweed, 15x Coal, 5x Flame Heart, 10x Flame Salts, and 3x Ancient Lumber. Each ingredient can be obtained from different locations within the game world, and we will explore these in detail in the following sections.

Where to find these ingredients in Fae Farm

Below, we have shared the location of every ingredient required to complete A Spicy Encounter quest in Fae Farm:


Fireweed is a crucial ingredient for Flammo’s spicy meal. To obtain Fireweed, players must venture into the Scorched Caverns and navigate to floor 7 and above. Once there, use your trusty sickle to harvest Fireweed from the grassy spots scattered throughout the area.


Coal, another essential ingredient, can be found in abundance within the Scorched Caverns. Equip your pickaxe and explore the various mining outcrops within the mine. Use your pickaxe on any coal outcrop to collect the desired amount of 15 pieces of coal. Be wary of potential enemies lurking in the caverns as you mine for coal.

Flame Heart

Flame Heart is a unique ingredient that requires a bit more effort to obtain. To acquire Flame Hearts, players need to utilize the Elven farmstead or Fae Soil Beds in their homestead. Plant cauliflower in these special beds and apply Magic Crop Swap fertilizer to increase the chances of the cauliflower transforming into Flame Hearts.

Flame Salts

You can find the Flame Salts on the deeper floors of the Scorched Caverns. Equip your trusty shovel, and on floor 7 and above, search for lava-esque patches of ground. Dig into these patches using your shovel to uncover the hidden Flame Salts.

Ancient Lumber

Ancient Lumber is a rare resource that can be obtained by chopping down ancient trees found in the Frozen Plateau region. Locate these ancient trees and use your axe to collect the required amount of 3 Ancient Lumber. Once collected, head to the Lumber Station and convert the Ancient Logs into Ancient Lumber at a rate of 10:1.

Completing A Spicy Encounter quest in Fae Farm

Once you have gathered all the necessary ingredients, return to Flammo and deliver them to him. After handing over the items, you will need to wait until the next morning for a cutscene that reveals the outcome of your efforts. There may be occasional bugs or glitches during this cutscene, so don’t be afraid if you encounter any visual issues.

Upon completion of the quest, you will unlock the Bash spell for your staff. This spell allows you to break through the glowing slabs around Azoria and grants you access to the Frozen Farm located in the Frozen Plateau.

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