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How to clean the fish tank in Jedi Survivor

It’s not obvious!

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Ah, a fish-management minigame. It’s not the type of thing I expected from a mainline Star Wars title! Here’s how to find the fish tank and how to clean it in Jedi Survivor.

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How to find the fish tank in Jedi Survivor

The fish tank is located on the second floor of the Pyloon Saloon: the main hub of the game on the planet Koboh. Head directly into the front door of the saloon, then walk up the stairs to the right. The fish tank is visible on the left, next to Zee.

We have a full guide on how to locate Zee if you need more help.

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How to clean the fish tank

Okay, so this process is a bit complicated, but suffice it to say it’s entirely linked to an NPC named Skoova Stev (this can’t be a Scuba Steve reference, right?). A fisherman by trade, Stev’s core home is in Koboh’s own Foothill Falls (if you’re heading out of the Pyloon Saloon from the front door, veer right and head up that path). Meeting him there — similar to other NPCs you come across during your travels —will transplant him directly to the saloon as a “recruited” character. There are 12 locations to actually find fish, and you can get an extra catch by talking to Stev at Foothill Falls directly after he’s been recruited. He’ll dive into the water and grab a “See Fish.”

The more fish that Stev catches (by meeting him in other locations throughout Koboh and Jedha with water, which is generally visible on the map), and the more you talk to him at the saloon, the cleaner the tank gets. You can’t manually clean it yourself, and you don’t need to do any of the upkeep at all to keep it clean. Stev will take care of the rest!

If you’re wondering why this matters, it’s tied to the “Skoova Diving” achievement/trophy.

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