How to change your ping color in Warzone 2, explained

Ping with all the colors of the wind

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Warzone 2.0 is a game that takes a lot of coordination if you’re playing as a squad, but thankfully there are plenty of tools baked right into the game to help you and your teammates communicate. One of the most useful features is the ping mechanic, which allows you to point out a specific item, location, or player in the game instead of trying to explain it to them. Anyone who’s tried to verbally communicate to a friend in a game where they want them to go using directions like “behind you” or “go to your left” knows just how crucial pings can be.

Chance is if you’re using the ping system a lot, you might want to change the color of the ping UI that appears on your screen, either for accessibility, to suit your preferences, or for any other reason. It’s your game — customize it however you want! There is a little bit of menu navigation involved to change the ping color, but it’s not too complicated.

Navigating the menu

To get to the setting to change the ping color, follow the menus as such: Settings > Interface > Color Customization > Interface Element Colors. Once you’re in that final Interface menu, you’ll be able to access the color customization for the ping system using the Neutral option (this is because pinging is considered a “neutral” activity in the game, as opposed to being involved with “friendly” or “enemy” activity). You can also change the colors for other elements in the game from this menu, including your HUD Color, Team Color, Party Color, Enemy Color, and so on.

You can change these settings to be whatever you want, but I will suggest using bright colors that will stand out on the map. Whether or not you’re able to see enemies or your teammates’ communication might make the difference in whether or not you come out of a fight alive.

Why change your ping color?

When you’re so used to playing the game one particular way, it can be weird to make changes, even if it’s just the colors of your UI. However, there are a few different reasons why changing the ping color, or any other color in the game for that matter, would be beneficial. First, plenty of gamers are colorblind, so altering visual settings come as a necessity more than it is a preference. A lot of games come with default colorblind accessibility settings now, but plenty of players prefer to change the colors manually to what they’re most comfortable with.

I already touched on another one of the most common reasons to swap settings, which is so that you can more easily see the game UI while in the middle of a match. Most of the Warzone maps are pretty devoid of color to begin with, but if changing your UI to a bright yellow, orange, or green helps you see it better, it’s worth switching things up.

Finally, there are some people (like myself) who simply prefer to change their settings because they like how it looks aesthetically. I’m quite a girly gamer, so sometimes I like changing my UI to traditionally more feminine colors like pink or purple, especially when it comes to bro-y games like Call of Duty. As I said, your gaming experience is your own, and if something as simple as changing up the color scheme helps you enjoy it that much more, go for it.

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