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How to change your outfit in Dead Island 2 – If you own the character packs

At launch, you’ll need the character pack DLC

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Dead Island 2 is out, and it’s…surprisingly competent? I never would have expected it in a million years, but this long-delayed and also reworked game pulled a miracle, and folks are flocking to it on launch weekend. The thing is, you might not dig the default character models, so here’s how to swap them out.

How to change your outfit

The only way to change your outfit is to do so at the character select screen and own a “Character Pack” DLC – which is scheduled to arrive in the summer of 2023. These are the two character packs that have been announced so far:

  • Character Pack 1 – Silver Star Jacob – features: The Rodeo Sunset costume for Jacob – The Devil’s Horseshoes – this weapon can be used by any of the 6 slayers
  • Character Pack 2 – Cyber Slayer Amy- features: The Neurunner skin for Amy – The Casimir & Julienne, twin-bladed weapon – these weapons can be used by any of the 6 slayers

How do you get the character pack DLC?

Beyond the already pricey $70 edition you’re also able to spring for the $89.99 Gold Edition, with includes Character Packs 1 and 2. The Deluxe Edition, priced at $74.99 at launch, has Character Packs 1 and 2 as well.

There is no digital upgrade available at this time, but the packs could be sold piecemeal at a later date.

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