How to change your appearance in Street Fighter 6

how to change appearance in Street Fighter 6 guide

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Ok, I get it — We all had top laughs making the stupidest-looking avatar we could for Capcom’s new scrapper Street Fighter 6. But now you’re kinda thinking that you want to shake things up, maybe for the avatar battles, maybe for the goofy World Tour cutscenes, or just because you want to look as good as my own Meiko Kaji gal pictured above.

Like a lot of features in Street Fighter 6, the avatar-changing mechanics are a little tucked away, while still being right there in front of your very eyes, but to make it 100% clear for all y’all…

Here’s how you change appearance in Street Fighter 6

Once you’ve made your avatar, that becomes your default character for World Tour and Battle Hub modes, with only one slot (currently) assigned to each player. If you get bored of your look, (as in that actual physiology of the model, not just the clothes), then there a two backstreet hack ‘n’ slashers that can give you the nose job of your dreams… Also, an entirely new set of legs and eyes.

The first is located in Metro City, right in the starting locale of Beat Square. It is the Style Lab, located to the right of the central steps in the bustling hub of the city. This looks quite the Nip/Tuck outlet, but given that this flashy-looking joint is located in the same city as Final Fight, I’d seriously question the quality of the surgery that they’d perform.

Image by Destructoid

The second body mod center is located in Old Nayshall, in the Central Bazaar area. Just opposite the market look for… erm… Dr. L’s Beauty Salon. Reputable. I especially like the security drones hovering outside. Peace of Mind. Either way, visiting either of these centers will reopen the avatar creator and let you tweak your player model or even start again from scratch.

Either way, it will cost a total of 1000 Zenny (the World Tour currency) in order to lock in those changes, so get it right before you get Dressed for Success. Because beauty is a costly business.

how to change appearance street fighter 6
Image by Destructoid

Then again, as Christina once said, you are beautiful, no matter what they say, so whomever you look like in this article’s header, it’s irrelevant. We are all here for good times at the end of the day.

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