How to change the nature of any Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet

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Nature Mint items were a groundbreaking inclusion in Generation 8. In the past, finding the perfect Pokemon involved rolling layers upon layers of RNG, hoping that the monster with just the right stats appears. Nature Mints functionally remove one layer of randomness, letting you change a Pokemon’s stat boosts via its nature. This won’t change the recorded nature of your Pokemon in its stats screen, which will impact a small handful of factors. Yet for the purposes of battling, Nature Mints allow you to customize any monster as you’d please.

Using Nature Mints is incredibly easy. Just open your items menu, scroll over to the “Other Items” tab, and use the mint like any other item. Getting mints is also incredibly easy once you know where to find them.

How to get Nature Mints

Chances are, you already have a few Nature Mints in your inventory. You have a chance to pick one up whenever you see a sparkling spot while you explore. This is not a reliable way to farm Nature Mints, but it’s worth checking your bag in case you have what you need already.

Your actual reliable location for Nature Mints is Chansey Supply. These can be found across Paldea, but the easiest location to find is right in the center of Mesagoza (location pictured below). Each Nature Mint costs 20,000 Pokedollars, which is a relatively steep price. However, by the time you’re ready to min-max your Pokemon, this should be a drop in the bucket.

Note that Chansey Supply won’t sell Nature Mints right off the bat. Keep progressing the core story paths, and eventually Nature Mints will appear in the store’s inventory. The main campaign can be beaten with even the worst possible stat spreads on a Pokemon, so keep exploring and leveling up if an objective is giving you trouble.

That said, even if you want to change a Pokemon’s nature, you might want to hold off buying Nature Mints. Once you are in the postgame of Scarlet & Violet, you’ll be funneled into 5-Star and 6-Star Tera Raids for rare materials. These drop Nature Mints quite frequently, so you’ll naturally build a big supply while you grind for Hidden Abilities. Nature Mints are also a frequent reward from the Academy Ace Tournament, which is a reliable way to money grind. Pick the farming route that works best for you to get all the Nature Mints you want!

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