How to bring Skope servers back online in Dead Island 2

dead island 2 how to activate use skope server

Apocalypse Job 1: Restore Social Media

As one might expect in the zombie apocalypse, the internet elements of Dead Island 2‘s Hell-A are not working as standard. As you pass through the abandoned, gore-filled houses of the city, you might notice a series of “sKOpe” internet dongles, that are fully powered, but still not working properly.

The servers are down, so I guess, officially, civilization is over.

Can you restore the single most important element of humanity — Social Media — to Hell-A? Well, yes you can. But it isn’t a case of simply finding and flicking a switch. As you’ll ultimately discover, the sKOpe system is surprisingly pertinent to the Dead Island 2 narrative, and, as such, the service will be restored naturally as you progress through the story.

How to reactivate the sKOpe servers

The Slayer will first need to reach the Ocean Avenue portion of the main story, and then begin the mission “The Search for Truth”. At this point, you will locate, and then receive a secret passcode from Tisha Reed, a passcode that must then be spoken into the main sKOpe dongle located at the Ocean Avenue store of the product’s manufacturer, OSK.

Once the Slayer has reached the OSK store, they will need a keycard to access the server room. Read the notice on the counter to find out that a store employee, Henry, has the key. You’ll find Henry in the alley behind the store, somewhat worse for wear. Once you have relieved him of the keycard (and probably his head) then you can return to the store, access the server room, and restart the servers.

dead island 2 skope store ocean avenue

Now all that stands between you and sKOpey goodness is a platoon of infected, who will rush the store, attracted by its sudden surge of sound and light. Once/If you survive the attack, then you can speak the passcode into the store’s main sKOpe dongle, and progress the mission. Additionally, from this point, the sKOpe dongles around Hell-A can now be accessed for a dose of random prophecy.

Just be careful when you go looking for answers, you might not always like what you find…

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