How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Virginia

What does Virginia do in Sons of the Forest?

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The first time you spot the three-legged woman trekking through the forests in Sons of the Forest, you’ll probably react the same way you would upon seeing a house centipede. Confusion turns to revulsion. Revulsion turns to horror.

Just don’t overreact.

Unlike most of the inhabitants of the island, Virginia is harmless. Actually, she’s better than harmless; she has three arms and knows how to use guns. The problem is, she’s very skittish. Before you can equip her for battle, you’re going to need to win her trust. The way to do so is simple: don’t be a dick.

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Don’t be a dick

For starters, don’t attack Virginia. That should seem like a given, but considering everything else on the island (aside from Kelvin) is hostile, it’s normal that your first reaction would be violence. Next, don’t do anything that could be interpreted as violent. If you just ignore Virginia at first, you’re on a good path.

As you spend time pretending she isn’t creeping through the bushes, she’ll grow more comfortable with you. She’ll start hanging around, bathing in rivers, and then eventually, she’ll start bringing you food like berries and fish. You don’t have to accept these gifts, but just allow her to give them to you. Around that point, you should be able to approach her and she’ll rest at the campfires you make.

You’ll then be able to share things from your inventory with her. One of the first things you should consider giving her is a GPS locator. Since she doesn’t directly follow her, this allows you to see where she’s at on the map.

Virginia is awesome, not just because she doesn’t try to eat you, but because you can give her guns. She can carry both a pistol and a shotgun at the same time. She can be somewhat shy in combat at first, but she’ll be blowing away naked cannibals in no time with suspicious efficiency. You don’t have to give her more ammo, either, so if you go to the effort of sticking with her, she’ll tear a violent path.

Can Virginia die in Sons of the Forest?

One thing to note is that if you see her take a knee after getting attacked by naked mutants, you can go over and get her back on her feet. Don’t neglect her, because she can die.

For bonus points, you can give your new six-limbed waifu-specific clothes that you find around the island. These don’t do anything, but that leotard looks awfully cold in the winter.

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