How to defeat Flux Construct 1, 2 & 3 in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Some of them have a lot of health, but they’re manageable

Although Talos rock enemies return in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are some other world bosses in the mix in the sequel: like the oddball Flux Construct, which utilizes a collection of cubes to take you down. Here’s how to fight the Flux Construct and easily take it out.

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Initiating the fight with the Flux Construct

The Flux Construct will appear as a sentry of sorts, almost like a set of LEGO blocks with a red detection beam.

The best way to kick off a battle with the Flux Construct is from the air. Getting the high ground and surprising it with a lunging attack (and a few follow-ups) is a great way to get ahead. Aim for the pulsing cube that’s different from the rest to deal it damage, and note that difference for the rest of the fight. This is very similar to the small weak spot that Talos’ have.

Once it realizes it’s being attacked (or if it detects you close by), it’ll shift into its walker formation, which is the default state of the Flux Construct.

How to defeat Flux Construct 1 – The standard “walker” formation

The Flux Construct mainly sticks to melee attacks while in its walker formation, so staying at a range is key. Its weak spot is what I’m calling its “heart,” which is a cube that looks different, and is generally shifted into a randomized spot each time the Flux Construct resets.

The key to taking it out is Masterhand. Your Masterhand ability can rip apart the pulsing cube to temporarily incapacitate the Flux Construct. Once this “heart” cube is on the ground it’s completely vulnerable, so hit it with your best attacks before it resets (either into the walker or sky formation).

You can also use Recall to temporarily halt the Flux Construct, or strike the pulsing/different cube with an arrow to freeze it for a few seconds. Take advantage of this stun-like state by pulling out the pulsing cube with your Masterhand ability.

If you find the pulsing cube hard to find/see, the Masterhand ability can also rip apart plain old blocks. If you’re not able to get a good line of sight for the heart, rip off cubes rapidly until you can see it clearly.

How to defeat Flux Construct 2 – The sky block formation

The second tier of Flux Construct adds an extra aerial form to manage. When resetting, the Flux Construct may jump into a different phase: where it’s flying in the air. Don’t fret, this phase is super easy to handle.

While airborne, the Flux Construct will send down three cubes that will propel toward Link in a line, hitting him for massive damage if you’re not careful. Sprint around the end of the cube attack (either side) and wait for them to fully hit the ground and stop moving. Jump on top of one of them and trigger the Recall ability on the cube to “rewind” it back into the air and on the Flux Construct itself, which functions as a platform.

Land quickly and strike at the heart until it resets again: glide down safely with your paraglider. Rinse and repeat until the Flux Construct is dead!

How to defeat Flux Construct 3 – The shifting core

For the third tier of the Flux Construct enemy, it’ll change its core around frequently: other than that, it’s the same basic fight.

Use the slow-motion arrow shot to your advantage to hit the core, then grab it with your Ultrahand power and fling it so that it’s vulnerable. Rinse and repeat!

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Rewards for beating Flux Constructs

As a reward for taking it out, you’ll get a ton of Zonai parts and the Sage’s Will item.

Note that these are optional enemies, so if you’re having trouble with them, mark them on the map with the icon of your choice and come back later!

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