How to beat the Del Lago fish boss in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Like harpooning fish in a lake

I can’t recall how many times I’ve taken down “the big fish” Del Lago in Resident Evil 4: but it’s a lot. Even in VR! And all I can think of is that wonky swimming animation! It’s so campy, I love it. This time the fight has been heavily streamlined, so it’ll be a lot easier to discern what you actually have to do. Here’s how to take down Del Lago in the RE4 remake.

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The way the remake handles the Del Lago fight is much simpler

You’ll still be fighting the Del Lago in a boat, but all you really need to do is dodge a few pieces of driftwood and constantly hurl an unlimited amount of spears at the boss. Although the game notes that the controls for throwing harpoons includes “L1+R2,” these aren’t pressed at the same time: rather, you’re holding L1 and aiming like you would any other major weapon.

Again you have unlimited spears, so keep throwing them any chance you get: but keep track of the driftwood out of the corner of your eye. If you’re nearing one it’s best to move the boat (with the direction pad) early, so you don’t have a chance of hitting it. Your boat is your life meter: driftwood and Del Lago smashing attacks will take it down. Sometimes Del Lago will get a cheap shot in, so make sure you keep a keen eye out for driftwood, as you’ll want some “spare” meter for those attacks.

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Keep harpooning Del Lago constantly, but really focus up when it disappears

The only real trick the Del Lago has is disappearing under the water for a short while: then coming back up with the intent of smashing your boat in short order.

To stop this strike, you’ll need to hit Del Lago with at least one harpoon. If you have directional headphones, you can hear where Del Lago is coming from easily. Either way you can follow the waves it makes as it heads underwater to keep track of it; but if you can’t see it at all (and hear the water rushing), quickly spin to try and locate it, then hit it with a harpoon.

After enough harpoon strikes it’ll go down. That’s it! Good luck. After you clear the boss encounter a cutscene will play, and you’ll get the Harpoon Hunter achievement.

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