How to beat Quest 5 Operation BOOM in Persona 5 Tactica

And boom goes the dynamite.

Persona 5 Tactica Quest 5 guide

Explosive barrels are a video game staple. Quest 5 of Persona 5 Tactica reinforces that yes, not even the world of Persona can avoid the allure of booming barrels and the havoc they can cause.

Acquired near the end of Marie’s Kingdom section, Operation BOOM sees Erina and Morgana trying to snatch a stockpile of explosives from the ruler. This comes with a catch, though, as it turns out they’ll need to do some in-the-field experimenting.

You’ll need to bring both Erina and Morgana for this bout, and complete it by clearing out all enemies in three or fewer turns. You might think this means “barrel time,” and you’re right; but also, you can get pretty far with just some good positioning.

Keep going for One More

The key in this Quest, and most Persona 5 Tactica battles, is keeping your One More chains rolling. Barrels offer a good means of doing so, as you can easily send enemies flying out of cover with them.

I’d recommend against bringing someone like Ryuji or other short-range fighters here. While I opted for Joker, Makoto or Yusuke could provide just the right mix of range, precision, and speed.

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Work on getting your team spread out, so you can set up easy Triple Threat attacks. The rows of barrels can be useful here, as they can bump enemies out of cover while keeping your team in cover.

Break the big boy

The large soldier in the middle is your biggest problem. He’s both a brick of beefy HP, and takes extra hits to knock into a downed state for your Triple Threat. Extra attacks mean wasteful turns, so try to either explode him or careful plan around his moves.

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With some careful planning, you can easily set up turns where you can dish out heavy damage. In one turn, to close things out, I even had back-to-back Triple Threats.

If you’ve already toppled the other quests so far, you shouldn’t have too much issue here. Take things slow and careful, look for opportunities to set up One Mores and Triple Threats, and you’ll clear it all out in no time.

Quest 5 rewards in Persona 5 Tactica

For beating Quest 5 in Persona 5 Tactica, you’ll net 20 GP for Morgana, and 10 GP for Erina, rounding out the gains you’ve made across the entire chapter.

Additionally, if you’ve now completed Quests 1 through 5, you’ll be rewarded with the ability to fuse the special Persona Principality. This unique fusion comes equipped with the Sukukuja skill, which raises a target ally’s movement for three turns.

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