How to add hay to the silo in Coral Island

Just jam it in there.

Coral Island Silos

You would think that filling a silo with hay in Coral Island would be a pretty straightforward task. Well, it is, but it’s maybe not as intuitive as you would think. Here is how to add hay to the silo in Coral Island.

Hay is extremely important if you want to keep livestock. It’s how you keep all your animals fed during the winter, so you’ll want to have a big stockpile of it. To get it, you can simply cut grass, and it will drop rather often. Boxes will also sometimes have it as part of their random contents. If you’re really hard up for hay, you can put fiber into a dehydrator, which will then be converted to hay. Really, though, grass should give you plenty. If there isn’t enough on your farm, you can cut it around town.

To build a silo, you’ll need to go to the carpenter. Once you supply the resources for the upgrade, you can plop it onto any vacant spot of land. It takes a day to build.

To put it in the silo, you’re going to need to have the stack of hay in your hands. Approach the structure, then simply hit the interact button. All that hay will drop into the silo, so long as there’s enough space. 300 hay can be held at one time, so if you’re carrying more than what will top it up, you’ll be left with the remainder.

Now, if you want to remove the hay from the silo, that’s a different matter. Hay only gets removed through a dispenser in a barn or coop. It’s probably better to build one of those first before and silos, while we’re on the subject.

Coral Island is available now for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. It will be coming to Switch at a later date.

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