How to access the Kloros Guild Tower in Forspoken

forspoken kloros guild tower guide

Tower of Power

The mythical kingdom of Athia, site of Square Enix adventure Forspoken, is packed out with ruins, forts, castles, and towers, just waiting to be explored by free-running hero Frey Holland. But while many of these locales provide ready access, some of the towers require a somewhat more off-key approach than just simply rocking up and banging on the front door.

Take for example the Kloros Guild Tower, located to the south of Athia in the district of Praenost. Additionally, Frey must have defeated the indomitable Tanta Sila, earning herself the zip-line ability.

Nailed It

Once Frey locates and identifies the Kloros Guild Tower, it simply becomes a matter of making it up to the open balcony at the tower’s summit. To reach the balcony, Frey must use her zipline to climb the nearby rock formations, coincidentally planted in height order. Use the zipline to climb each rockery in turn, and then zipline over to the balcony from the highest point.

Once inside the Kloros Guild, Frey will have to make her way the ground floor. Behind the bookcase lies a staircase to the cellar, where Frey will encounter a creepy beastie. Defeat the creature in battle, and Frey will unlock the “III” Nail Set. These nails, once applied, extend the duration of any negative effects Frey applies to enemies in battle, such as Burn or Poison. Once Frey has the nails, she can leave via the tower’s front door — Ready to show off her funky fingers to all and sundry.

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