How to access Ori and the Blind Forest’s new area, and what makes the updated version ‘Definitive’

$4.99 for current owners

Ori and the Blind Forest was by far one of my favorite games of 2015. Visually stunning and mechanically sound, it’s a wonderful platformer that I can’t recommend enough. Now, developer Moon Studios is releasing the “Definitive” edition of the game this week on Xbox One, with the option for existing owners to upgrade for $4.99

So what does it contain? Two new areas, for one. You can access the DLC zone almost immediately, as only the wall jump ability (granted in the first 30 minutes or so) is needed. However, as you can see in the video above it’s a tad tricky and littered with spikes, so you may want to go later after you’ve acquired some upgrades.

You’ll also get new difficulty levels (including an easy mode, and a “One Life” gametype for purists), two new powers, and Spirit Well fast travel. They’re all welcome additions, but don’t fundamentally alter the game in a way where if you didn’t like it before, you’ll like it now.

But honestly, with this Definitive package, I don’t see anyone who even remotely enjoys platformers or Metroidvanias disliking Ori.

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